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Our 2-day Explosives and Active Threats course will be held at the following locations in your area in 2018.


28 & 29 May – Ottawa, ON

7 &8 Jun – Montreal, PQ (courses in English)



Since our 1-day Managing the Bomb Threat course is the first day of the 2-day course candidates may take only the first day, i.e.,


1-day Managing the Bomb Threat course being held on the first day of each 2-day course

2-day Managing the Bomb Threat plus Explosives and Active Threats course.




Explosives and IEDs – initiators, explosives, power source, switch, containers, enhancements.

Managing the Bomb Threat – threats written or verbal, delivered by oral, electronic or other medium.

ED/IID Awareness – Improvised Incendiary Device (IID), sources of ammonium nitrate, toxic industrial chemicals, dirty bomb, fire bomb.

Active shooter – A person armed with a firearm(s) who is actively engaged in killing or attempting to cause serious harm.

Suspicious activity – Is behaviour reasonably indicative of preoperational planning related to terrorism or other criminal activity.

Suicide bombing – also called homicide bomb or person borne IED (PBIED).

Hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) – A hostile vehicle is generally one whose driver is determined to access a restricted or unauthorised area or location in order to cause injury/death to people.


Course outlines are on the Courses page of our website.  There are reductions for multiple attendees.   Further details such as times and location will be sent after registering.   To register send me an email with the information required to generate an invoice (mailing address and PO number).


You may see my background on my LinkedIn page or my website.  http://explosivesmanagement.com/


J.T. (Juri) Kasemets, CD, MBA, P.Eng.

President, EMG – Explosives Management Group