Member in the spotlight : Patrick Ayotte PSP

Patrick Ayotte his working in security for over than 18 years now. Having started as a security system installer of various types in industrial, institutions and government buildings, he jumped into consulting in 2011.

Since then he’s been working as a Technical Designer and Project Manager, doing task from security system analysis to writing specifications for tender and commissioning.

His experience led him to actively participate to the review of the task of the Security Installer program (2009) and to the analysis and rewriting of the Security Installer certification exam (2010) with the Commission de la Construction du Québec (CCQ).

He’s now with WSP Canada where he is working as a Technical Designer Security Expertise.

How long have you been an ASIS member?

I am an ASIS member since 2014 with the firm intention of getting the Physical Security Professional (PSP) Certification, which I did in June 2017.

In your opinion, what are the advantages of being a member of ASIS and, more specifically, of the Montreal Chapter?

Being a member of an international organization gives me access to an almost infinite source of references, literature and to a large network of security professionals.

On the local side, the ASIS Montreal chapter is a good way of getting some networking on with security industry professionals, but also gives me access to trainings such as the PSP Review which I took in 2016. This review class really helped me getting the certification I was studying for.

I also like other events planned by our local chapter like the Wine and Cheese event at the Montreal University. I had the honor of working during this event for the last three years and I’m glad to see how it’s successful. This event allows the graduates of the Security and Police studies of the Criminology School to meet people from the industry, but also potential businesses representatives that could hire them. This is an excellent way of joining both my work field of practice and a passion!

Meeting experienced people in security during these events allows us to get a glimpse of their vast knowledge and create links with other professionals which is essential for an industry like ours, because it’s so specific and let’s say, sometimes capricious.